Thursday, January 7, 2010

sushi lunch (yes you can be jealous =p)

As promised, here is my lunch of the day! I am pretty proud of how this came out, I really like how it all came together.  So here are way to many photos!

Smoked salmon, shrimp (prawns)  and my ice cube tray molded rice

My poor fishy...He gave me the stink eye the whole time I made lunch.

Done sushi. Okay...The shrimp went nuts. I couldn't get the bend out of them so they wouldn't lay nice and flat...the first one was too far gone lol.

And finally the finished product. Top teir has my smoked salmon sushi and lone shrimp sushi (or sashami? i have no idea what the difference is.) Corn, and edamame. Bottom teir has carrot flowers, corn, apple bunnies and mixed dried fruit. Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. hmmm.... i really jealous. give me some!! ;p

  2. Smoked salmon is such a good idea. Sounds yummy.

    By the way

    Sushi= the vinigered rice

    Sashimi= the raw fish

    I'm sure it's more complicated than that. But it is the most general difference. MMmmmm..... sashimi

  3. oh dear, I misspelled vinigared. Please forgive :D

  4. yummy yummy! :D Nice idea on the ice-cube-Nigiri-Rice. And I love how you cut the nori for the nigiri ^_^