Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cute yummy time!

So today is just full of posts! My Cute Yummy Time book arrived today that I won from Jacki's Bento Blog! Review will come soon and hopefully some super cute bento! Thank you Jacki and La Carmina!

Bento of the day!

The reason I took a photo of my plate is to prove that there is alot of food going into these! We have salmon, brown rice, tortellini, peppers, rice and lima beans, rasberries and cheese. Sorry about the blurry photos, it was taken on my cell phone. Thats also why there is a weird icon on there....I was being lazy and saved it :P


 Sorry no posties for the past few days, life is hectic but there will be one tonight, promise! I am thinking about doing a contest! But, I do want to be sure there are enough participants. So, I'm not sure what/how to do this contest so any ideas would be great! I am planning on having a bento set as the prize and you get to choose between :

I think they are nice prizes! So as soon as I get an idea for a contest it will be on!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bento of the day!

Thrown together super fast so excuse the lack of lettuce bedding. Top teir has two hand shaped brown rice onigiri. A cocktail weiner, two mini quiches halfed, a potatoe slice with bologna in the midde and that red thing is the cut out from my cheese. Just needed a pop of color! The bottom has salmon salad, potatoes and carrots, rasberries, and a cheese wheel.

Friday, October 23, 2009

New stuff!

Got a few new things in the mail today! A set of 24 plastic coated cups, super cute baran, a nori punch (finally i can make cute faces!) and vegetable cutters. I ordered it Wenesday thinking it wouldn't get here until at least next week but I had a pleasant surprise finding it in my mail box today! Thanks to the guys over at All Things For Sale  I am super estatic it came so early and they have great priced bento box sets everyone should definatly check them out.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bento of the day!

Bento of the day!

In the top picture, we have onigiri made of brown rice, salmon salad, tomotoes, and ninja octo dogs! The bottom picture there is a boiled egg, bell pepper slices, garlic and herb cheese, dried fruit mix and hiding under there is a 100 calorie cupcake. There are three in a pack so i'm guessing 30 something calories a peice. Have a great night!

Great Bento videos!

Couple of cute videos I thought I would share with everyone!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sorry about the delay!

Sorry I dropped off the face of the interwebs! My internet went out, and I have been desperately trying to get it back on. So finally on with the bento!

Top teir                                                  Bottom teir

So in the top we have two tex-mex mac n cheese with beef stuffed peppers. They do have faces but the sun isn't up yet so the flash kind of kills them =/.  There is also a fruit salad with baby bananas and a mixture of dried cherries, blue berries, and cranberries. Two small sausages, grape tomatoes, and pumpkin seeds. On the bottom teir we have brown rice with lima beans and corn mixed in a spam heart on top and a few bits spread around. Rasberries, cheese, and a spinach mini quishe.

I also came across a few cute things at the grocery store that fit perfectly into bento boxes. Those 100 calorie packs of cupcakes, and etc. They are absolutely tiny! But they are the perfect size for bento.  I'll be sure to point them out when I use them.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My bento arrived!!!

A box! For me?

OMG! =^.^= It's here!

celebratory bento for tomorrow!

top teir ^ bottom teir v

WOW talk about i was in shock about how small everything was! That onigiri mold is so tiny! I have way more respect for awesome bentors now. So on the top we have succotash in the heart cup, tri colored grapes with the balloon end picks, my new heart shape egg molded egg(it was a terrible attempt i lack patience and took it out to early)and a small star onigiri with cheese. On the bottom we have a bear and bunny onigiri cheese and turkey rolls, goldfish tomatoes and a musubi? musabi? Whatever that spam and rice thing is haha, and a little bottle of sauce hanging out.

California roll bento!

Just pictures of making the rolls what you need, and then finally the bento!

nori and water, the water helps to seal off the end of the roll

crab meat stick individually wrapped

cucumber and an avacado
 of course in between these two shots i've obviously washed, cut and prepped my area.

Than you spread a thin layer of rice down leave a little room on the end
so it doesn't end up squishing out.

Then just fill and roll up tightly

I like mine cold and refridgorated. So i popped mine in the fridge overnight
cut them this morning and threw them into the box with tri colored grapes and grape tomatoes!