Thursday, October 1, 2009

My bento arrived!!!

A box! For me?

OMG! =^.^= It's here!

celebratory bento for tomorrow!

top teir ^ bottom teir v

WOW talk about i was in shock about how small everything was! That onigiri mold is so tiny! I have way more respect for awesome bentors now. So on the top we have succotash in the heart cup, tri colored grapes with the balloon end picks, my new heart shape egg molded egg(it was a terrible attempt i lack patience and took it out to early)and a small star onigiri with cheese. On the bottom we have a bear and bunny onigiri cheese and turkey rolls, goldfish tomatoes and a musubi? musabi? Whatever that spam and rice thing is haha, and a little bottle of sauce hanging out.


  1. Yay! I love it when I get packages, especially if theres bentos involved. Can't wait to see all your creations.

  2. Yay a new bento blog to follow! I was confused for a sec because we have the same template. Looking forward to seeing what you make!

  3. I'm new to bentos but have really become obsessed with reading about them (I have yet to make one - still gathering my thoughts I guess) Your blog is great so far, keep up the posts!

    I love the goldfish tomatoes! Adorable. How/where did you learn how to do those?

  4. Hey Bentobeginner, you won the contest on my blog! I need your address though, to send you the book. Drop me a line!