Wednesday, September 30, 2009

California rolls

So after locking my keys inside of my workplace, and having to wait 35 minutes for anyone to come let me in...I made it home and cooked supper. I also managed to make a few rolls of california rolls to take for lunch with me tomorrow! So, since i'm having a terrible night I am not risking putting my SD card in my computer. You will have to wait until the morning to see my (not so) lovely california rolls with a sort of step by step photo process. Have a great night everyone!

ice cube tray onigiri shaper in action!

I promised to post some pictures of how the ice cube tray onigiri came out so here they are with step by step photos! My flash was abit of an overkill but i hope the photos look okay.

First I sprayed my tray with some oil

all nice and oiled
 (if you look closely you can see my penguin tray in the background)

Fill the tray up with short grain rice from my rice cooker

pop in the freezer for just a minute to let them cool down

and voila! blossom/rounded star shaped onigiri!
the flash killed this picture, my apologies

and the onigiri in action along with my first bento!

This is the bob the builder box i found yesterday at the dollar store, with a silicone pinch bowl from the dreaded wal mart. I threw this together rather quickly just to show the onigiri off. So please excuse my terrible knife work on that tulip weiner

Bento boxes?

size reference, its a half slice of bread

I found these yesterday at my dollar store (i am a dollar store junkie) and commented over at Hapa Bento about local items found for bento. I wasn't sure if they would be considered a bento box, or tuberware but they are cute nonetheless. So of course I have photos! If anyone would like these i would be more than happy to go get more, and ship them to you for price+shipping of course. Just leave me an e-mail or comment and let me know. All of these 550ml, freezer and microwave safe

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bento things found in local stores

These a few things i have found in local stores in my small town. I will post pictures of them actually in use with step by step photos as soon as possible.

I have an ice cube tray with blossoms, a heart shaped sandwhich cutter, two pinch bowls, and three egg/pancake shapers. Everything is silicone execpt for the sandwhich cutter.

This is just a close up of the ice cube tray. It has amazing detail to just be from a simple dollar store. Im hoping to use them for gelatin, and try mini onigiri in them. I have been collecting them for about a year with each season so i have hearts, skulls and pumpkins, beach balls, crabs, flamingos, penguins, and tons of others. They are silicone so im hoping it will be easy to get onigiri out of them. Pictures as soon as I use them!

I have also seen things that i think might work similiar to certian bento specific items. Like a butter spreader, for making cubed onigiri. Anyone ever tried that, or have any other tricks and tips?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bento Tools

The all important Bento box itself
Veggie picks in super cute shapes
Spice containers

Sauce containers

Another sauce container

Egg shapers

Onigiri shaper

These are just pretty basic items that will help add to the super cuteness of my bento meals. I ordered them all from the same site, and at great prices. The bento with the bag, chopsticks and band was only 13.99$ I haven't been able to find any online for less than that. The other small things were no more than 3.50$ a peice. You can find them all @<>


Hi everyone!
Just a little bit of an introduction to my new blog that way if you've stumbled here by mistake you will not be but so lost. I have a new found obsession for bento lunches. They are cutest things i have ever seen. I have just ordered several things and impatiently waiting for them to get here. I know there are a lot of bento junkies out on the web, and so I've decided to track my bento experience online. I'll be uploading photos and all that good stuff as soon as everything arrives. Hopefully I can get some feedback and start a little community of bento beginners like myself ^^