Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ice cube tray onigiri shaper in action!

I promised to post some pictures of how the ice cube tray onigiri came out so here they are with step by step photos! My flash was abit of an overkill but i hope the photos look okay.

First I sprayed my tray with some oil

all nice and oiled
 (if you look closely you can see my penguin tray in the background)

Fill the tray up with short grain rice from my rice cooker

pop in the freezer for just a minute to let them cool down

and voila! blossom/rounded star shaped onigiri!
the flash killed this picture, my apologies

and the onigiri in action along with my first bento!

This is the bob the builder box i found yesterday at the dollar store, with a silicone pinch bowl from the dreaded wal mart. I threw this together rather quickly just to show the onigiri off. So please excuse my terrible knife work on that tulip weiner

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