Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sorry about the delay!

Sorry I dropped off the face of the interwebs! My internet went out, and I have been desperately trying to get it back on. So finally on with the bento!

Top teir                                                  Bottom teir

So in the top we have two tex-mex mac n cheese with beef stuffed peppers. They do have faces but the sun isn't up yet so the flash kind of kills them =/.  There is also a fruit salad with baby bananas and a mixture of dried cherries, blue berries, and cranberries. Two small sausages, grape tomatoes, and pumpkin seeds. On the bottom teir we have brown rice with lima beans and corn mixed in a spam heart on top and a few bits spread around. Rasberries, cheese, and a spinach mini quishe.

I also came across a few cute things at the grocery store that fit perfectly into bento boxes. Those 100 calorie packs of cupcakes, and etc. They are absolutely tiny! But they are the perfect size for bento.  I'll be sure to point them out when I use them.

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