Thursday, January 28, 2010

attempted egg sheet fail!

Well today I was attempting to make an eggsheet in the mircowave...and it turned out terrible. I think maybe because the plate got stuck at one point it made the edges bubble up and out and the center was almost completely void of egg.  So I rolled it up and tucked it shamefully in the corner of my bento. Also packed in some bacon chedder chicken paninis, dried plums and apples, and edamame. The bottom teir has obviously baby carrots, black berries, and grapes. I finally restocked my fridge and cabinets mainly because of the storm they are calling for in my area tomorrow ( 6-12 inches of snow!) That's a lot for my area and I'm sure we will be off work if we do actually get any accumalation. So I may be making some snow day bento! Hope everyones having a great wenesday!


  1. The egg is still looking good, no shame about it. And you are so adventurous to try a new technique for your cooking. I see a cute Hello Kitty baran there ;)

  2. Hi,

    Can you teach me how to make the bento egg sheet. My email is