Thursday, January 14, 2010

5 Minute sushi bento.

Applause is in order for this amazing feat. I managed to whip up a bento in 5 minutes while changing clothes, brushing my teeth and getting myself together for work. Spent the morning again at the hospital. Baby was discharged Thanks for the get well wishes. Came home to change and wasn't going to make a bento but I was up to the challenge. So here we have the 5 minute sushi.   Not the best filled box ever, but cut me some slack it only took five minutes.
     There is california rolls made from precooked than frozen rice. I really like to cook a batch for the week, wrap it up in saran wrap while it's still warm and freeze it.  Two minutes in the microwave bring it right back to life. Some cherries, string cheese, carrots, edamame, and ranch are hanging out in the rest of the lunch. I do like edamame, but if I eat too many beans they start to taste a little weird so I am working myself into them slowly.

Thanks Angi for the award!

Angi over at Bento Junkie left me this award. It says list 10 things that make you happy, than pass it on to 10 blogs that make your day!
  1. My hubs makes me breakfast almost everyday!
  2. Talking to my mom.
  3. Cooking anything new
  4. Jack Johnson's music.
  5. Fuzzy socks
  6. New bento boxes (Duh!)
  7. My family get togethers
  8. Having good health
  9. My amazing friends
  10. Warm towels

Now for 10 blogs! (in no particular order.)
  1. New2Bento
  2. lilys kleiner bentoservice
  3. lian mama bento
  4. I am running out of blogsss... So I will edit this later! Most blogs have been tagged by this award already :P! Hope everyone has a great night, and keep the people of Haiti in your thoughts.


  1. Wonderful sushi, I would love to have it :) I pass you an award, please pick it up here.

  2. Impressive speed bento! Cherries and homemade California rolls a lovely combo. Enjoying how the colors glow in this bright pink bento box!