Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow and penguins?

So, since I've been seeing a bunch of penguins around I decided to jump on the bandwagon. We have a larger penguin made from bread, nori, carrot beak and bologna and swiss inside, The little baby pengu is made from a dried prune, leftover swiss and carrot beak. There is dried apples, carrots, banana chips, black berries, and grapes filling in everything else. I surely felt like a penguin coming in from playing with the dog outside in the 6 inches of snow (and still coming) She had so much fun in the snow.  Hope you all are having a warm, and wonderful saturday!

Please excuse my terrible southern accent, and my goofy voice talking to the dog.


  1. your bentos are too cute!
    I'm a semi bento beginner (as in ive done like two) but i hope you dont mind me following (stalking) your bento blog! hehe.

  2. Thank you Karnia! I am glad you decided to say hello, and stalk all you want! We can learn bento together!

  3. cute video of the dog. my 2 dogs loved watching it! :)

  4. Wonderful penguin bento! The baby pengu is beyond cute--I'm just going "awwwwwwwww"!! Are these up in the flickr bento pools? Nice colorful accompaniments to keep these sweet penguins happy, too.
    Your girl playing in the snow was so adorable she had me appreciating winter for just a minute there! Really sweet--will show this to hubby (the major dog person in our family) later!

  5. Adorable penguins! Lovely video ... thanks for sharing it :)