Monday, January 25, 2010

Pb&j bento

Not one of my typical bentos. I'm not a big bread fan, but I was craving a simple pb&j. I couldn't find any of my cutters that were big enough for a sandwhich that would fit in the box, so I just used the actual box for a cutter.  Tossed in some strawberry applesauce with walnuts and dried fruit around the sides.  The brussel sprouts were cooked in abit of bacon, so the crumbles are tossed in with them and the broccoli. I also threw in a few baby carrots.
I normally am fine with out a snack, but I worked a long shift yesterday so I threw a quick salad with tomatoes, walnuts, romaine, and avacado and some ranch in the cup.


  1. Very smart to use the box for cutter so you can fit the bread perfectly. What did you use for drawing the flowers? Looks awesome on your bread :)

  2. It was the food color pens I had found in my local grocery store! I didn't think they would work on bread, but thankfully they did.

  3. I love how your salad looks. Makes me hungry :)