Friday, January 1, 2010

I'm back!

I missed you all! Sorry the holidays had me on a slight break, but I am back and with new bento gear! Hope everyone had a great new year.  Two lunch bentos first, than some of my new stuff!

We have miso soup in the small container, terryiake tofu, shrimp and some stir fry noodles. The top teir has dried apricots, carrot chips, apple wedges, and some garlic and herb cheese. I also found some soy bean edamame? and ranch in the cup.

Bento for today. Edamame, crab rangoons, and some shrimp on skewers. Bottom teir has fruit cocktail, apple wedges, and a cheese. Boring, but light and tasty after the heavy eating holidays.

My new bento boxes! They came in a set of three with matching belts.

I got this bag to go with my bunny bento, and it's the perfect size for a bento and a bottle of water.

Mini forks and spoons. I am in love! I am super clumsy with chopsticks and these are small enough to fit right down into the bento.

Then I got this as a free gift with my purchase and I adore this little container. I've been taking my oatmeal breakfast with me in it along with fruits and things. The air tight lid is great for messy foods.

Anyone set any new years resolutions?  I decided that I am going to try to be a dedicated blogger, and post hopefully 5 days a week at least. Please forgive me if I don't, to err is only human. ;P   See you all tomorrow!


  1. Nice to see you around :) Love the forks... it's always hard to find the right size to fit in a box! Happy new years!!

  2. I love those little forks and spoons!

  3. Love your new stuff & glad you are back! Your bentos have been inspirational for me, even if I have not yet really started bento-ing.

    where did you get your new stuff? I'm in Alaska and haven't found anywhere local to get good stuff so I guess I will be ordering. :)

  4. I got all my things from They are super realiable. My last order they left out my mini spoons and forks, and I sent them an e-mail and quickly with no questions asked fixed the problem. I reccomend them to anyone! And with an order of 50$ they send a free gift wich is a nice little surprise.