Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sorry everyone

I know, shame on me! I dropped off the face of the internet again. Spring has sprung and I have been so busy working on getting a garden together, visiting family, and spring cleaning. I have also added an hour of exercise into my routine so by the end of the night when I normally post im exhausted! My new carb low diet also leaves my bento lacking at the moment, but I promise I will post some up soon. Hope everyone is doing great!


  1. Hi there! Looking forward to seeing your garden grow in the months ahead...and maybe some low-carb bentos ;)? Happy spring, Bento Beginner!

  2. I'm so ready to garden - but we had snow this morning. :( Very done with snow this year.

    Looking forward to seeing your garden! How are the little sprouts coming along?

    also, noticed some weirdness with your link to Hapa Bento - it goes somewhere strange, might want to check it out.

    Happy Gardening! :)

  3. :-)