Saturday, April 10, 2010

Im back, with a low carb bento!

I am truly sorry for dropping off the face of the internet (again.) I decided that I needed to kickstart my self into a weight loss program, along with an hour+ excercise in the afternoon after work and ahhhhh! I had no time to take pictures of my bento creations. I promise I will be back on track soon. I am just having to schedule myself a little bit better.  In todays bento I have: Baked Tilapia, broccoli, cheese cubes, cucumber, and some avacado mayo mash wich I like to use for dipping.  It is abit like guacamole without the zestyness.                                                                                                        
On a side note, for any of you trying to watch your calories, or carbs, or weight watcher points or what have you you need to check out Fat Secret It is an amazing tool to help keep track of what you eat. You just enter your food into the easy to use calender and voila! It can show you all the nutritional values of your daily intake. 
Also while Im on here, be sure to check out Allthingsforsale the banner to the right. They have revamped their store, and have a 5% off sale ontop of their usual sales going on right now. They ship internationally!


  1. Good luck Girlie! I just got back from the states and have eaten every single thing I missed and can't get here so I feel my britches are a bit too tight :)

    I've been waiting for ALL THINGS to ship internationally... thanks for the heads up!

  2. glad you're back! your bento looks yummy!!! will check out that site too - I've been doing Weight Watchers for about 6 yrs.

    LOVE AllThings! Going to check them out again too!

  3. Im glad to be back!
    Angi:glad your dad is doing okay, and hope you enjoyed your stay. A little overeating while you can isn't a bad thing ;)
    Susan: Thanks! I tried WW but I find that it makes me eat tooo much haha! Im trying Atkins at the moment. It really isn't so bad and almost ten pounds down!

  4. Nice to see you back with your yummy bento post! Weight loss program with bento is a great idea. I am sure you can achieve the result that you want :) Have a great weekend!

  5. Yay, welcome back BB! Yummy bento here--love the avocado mash, great idea...and the stripey effect with your cukes is so cool :)

  6. I love your blog. I just started a bento blog too. It's not nearly as creative as yours but I'm working on it. Check it out