Saturday, February 13, 2010

videos for your veiwing pleasure

Sorry I have been MIA everyone. This work week has been super busy, and I had been making bento but unfortunatly no pictures were taken before they were devoured. So, this morning I have been lurking on youtube for abit, and decided to share a few cute bento related videos hope you enjoy!


  1. Hi and thanks for sharing these very fun and idea-rich Youtube videos! I was wondering, do you find that there is an overlap between your work in cosmetology and bento? Both involve skillful and creative manipulation of materials (to create beauty)...curious about your thoughts on this :)
    Happy weekend,

  2. That is actually a really neat point. Sometimes I feel like they do overlap in a sense that I feel like i have used up all my creativity in the salon, and have none leftover for my bento! I do feel like when you have to already be creative in the workplace you look at ordinary things and draw inspiration. It also helps with colors, and other things. But comparing hair to food is sort of hard :P No one likes food in their hair, or hair in their food!

  3. Ah, very interesting--thanks for sharing this. I like what you said about drawing inspiration from looking at "ordinary" things in a new way :) Bento is all about that kind of creativity, it seems to me...