Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Just two recipies of the things I made myself today. Sorry no bento, but I was exhausted this morning. I think I am finally catching a cold.

Crabmeat Rangoon:

   This is my form of crabmeat rangoon. It's not the healthiest thing in the world, but if you bake them I don't think they would be to bad.
You will need the following: Crabmeat, plain cream cheese or cream cheese spread, soy sauce, spring onion (optional), and wonton wrappers.
  Take the cream cheese let it meet room temperature then put it into a mixing bowl. Add a dash of soy sauce, and onion to your taste. I like mine with alot of crab meat so if I use imitation be sure to flake it well. Mix everything together in your bowl until it is all blended well. Next get your wontons cradle them into your palm and use a spoon to put about a medium sized dallop of mixture into your wonton. Close them up by either folding in half or bringing the corners together.  Now you can either bake them in the oven until the wontons are brown and crispy or drop them into hot oil until you get a nice cripsy shell. Enjoy!

Mix Seafood stirfry:
   Something I came up with today. I've always seen those "mixed seafood" packages in the grocery store with squid, octopus, shrimp, and sirimi (imitation crab looking fish). Today I finally decided to buy some and try it out.  This recipie is totally impomptu, but it turned out delicious. You are more than welcome to alter it an any form, and I hope you try it out! You will need: Peas, orange pepper, cabbage,onion,carrots,yellow corn,asparagus,mixed seafood, stir fry noodles, terriyake, and oyster sauce.
   Start by boiling water for your noodles. Take all your vegetables and combine them in a large skillet or wok. Add a little water to the bottom and butter or any kind of oil you like and let them steam for abit on medium heat. When the cabbage starts getting limp take your vegetables and pour them out into a large pan or bowl. The noodles only take about 5 minutes to boil, so when they are done add them into your hot skillet with some oil and abit of oyster sauce I only use alittle to flavor the noodles. Add the noodles to your pan of vegetables, and stir. Now, take your mixed seafood and add to the hot skillet with a little bit of butter and terriyake sauce. Mine was already cooked, but I let them simmer for a few minutes. Add the seafood to your noodles and vegetables and you have a pretty tasty meal with lots of vegetables.

Not the prettiest thing in the world but it was super delicious on this cold rainy day. I also packed it up and froze it like i do my rice in cling wrap. I'm hoping it reheats like rice that way I have a freezer stash of something different. Promise there will be bento tomorrow!

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