Sunday, November 29, 2009

More bento tools!

Sorry for the lack of real posts lately. I promise I will get back on track soon. The holidays keep me busy at work, and home. I wanted to share these few things hubs found for me at our local hobby store! They are little metal cutters, and they are perfect for bento! They come with three different sizes and I think they were only 1$ and some change.

I also found this super cute bento box on ebay and I am dying to have it! Anyone know anywhere else I could buy it? I think it is super cute.

Also a quick link to a recipie I used on thanksgiving. It was fabulous!  brussel sprouts! They turned out so amazing! Not the healthiest with the bacon and cream, but they tasted wonderful.


  1. Those cutters are cute with 3 different sizes will come very handy. Your new bento box is also nice, love the pink color ... can't wait to see your bento featuring in the new bento box hehehehe :D