Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Peaks of Otter Winery

So I really wanted to share my trip to the winery with everyone, so on my day off I have finally got enough time to sit down and go over all the details. First a big thanks to the folks at Peaks of Otter Winery/Johnson's Orchard for having such a lovely farm, and some of the best wine i've tried. Hubs and I went on a day trip up to the peaks of otter, and decided to stop by the winery on the way out just to check it out. We didn't realize what a treat we would stumble upon. Pulling up into the gravel driveway the first thing you see is a huge statue of johnny appleseed, several signs stating it is a working farm, (one saying "If it has feet it kicks" my favorite) It is definitley an authtentic experience. Then you go into a building much like a barn, I think it was a packhouse if I'm not mistaken. There are huge crates of fresh picked apples, rows and rows of jams, jellies, and apple butters and wines. We took a few minutes to pick out several apples which you can either pick fresh off the branch, or out of the crates.
    Than we moved onto the wine tasting which was full of surprises. Now, I've been to a wine tasting before but never have I gotten to try so many different ones. Their selection is wonderful, and the spicy chili wines are something out of this world. We ended up tasting 30 different wines, all right from the farm.  I have to say the "sweet heart" and "blueberry muffin" wine are my absolute favorites. I am a sucker for a sweet wine. Hubs tried "Kiss of the Devil", a 30 different chili wine that turned his whole face red! Hah! I wasn't up for it, but we did get a bottle to take home and cook with. We actually ended up with 8 bottles, but for a little over 100$ It wasn't a bad deal at all. There was also a few other wines that were different like the "what a tomato" an apple tomato wine that was abit to sour for my taste but different with a summery tomato taste.
    Leaving, we gave the small white jack russel roaming about a pat. Loaded up our goodies and rode back through the beautiful scenery of the mountains to our cozy little home. It was a great time. I would have loved to wandered about the orchard abit but we were pressed for time. Our next trip is already planned sometime before christmas holiday so we can get a few more bottles of wine as presents this year. I will also be sure to make note when I use the spicy wine in cooking so you can all be jealous of my local find :P!

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