Thursday, December 3, 2009

Turkey update, and leftover bento!

know it isn't thanksgiving, or christmas. So most of you are wondering, "Why roast a turkey on a random thursday?" Well, because it's almost friday and I didn't want to make a turkey catastophe public to my family if possible.  However this was a meal to be very proud of. It came out fabulous. I never realized turkey wasn't soposed to be a dry tasteless bird. I was in love with turkey all over again after the first bite!

My beautiful brown turkey! It got a little too dark in some places but it was sooo good.

Okay, for some people this might be gross. That is a turkey neck in potatoes and carrots. It turned out fabuloso. I used just a little bit of turkey drippings from the pan to give it some seasoning. And cooked it for a good two hours in my le crueset (love these pans) and it was fall apart potato goodness.

And last but not least, the leftovers bento! We will be eating turkey for awhile after this. But I have a big slice of turkey underneath carrots, stuffing and potatoes. Kiwi, oranges, and concord grapes. Note: Concord grapes are heavenly. This was my first time getting my hands on some. They are not like any other grape I have ever had. You peel away the skin and get a dark purple outer layer that melts away, then a tangy center almost like a jelly ball of goodness. I don't know if they are that easy to come by, or if i just overlooked them before but they are well worth the price.

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  1. The concord grapes sound interesting ... nice on orange & kiwi color mixed, they look goods in your bento. And your soup looks delicious :o)